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Xi'an gemei metal materials Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1995,registered capital of 40 million,is the earliest in tungsten,molybdenum and its alloy plate,rod,sheet,foil,rod and deep-processing products R&D,production and service in one of the professional manufacturers,belonging to high-tech enterprises.The company's total construction area of about 30000 square meters,covers an area of 50000 square meters,the existing staff of nearly 350 people.The professional and technical personnel accounting for 20%of the total number of employees.Annual production capacity of about 500 tons.
The company has gemei molybdenum processing complete sets of equipment complete,through the joint efforts of all staff of the company,with the development of the company's gemei established a number of rich management experience,high quality professional and technical team,the implementation of the entire process of product quality control.
Gemei company in 2010 in Weihai set up a wholly owned subsidiary-Shandong gemei Molybdenum Material Co.ltd..
Gemei company passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification in 2003.In April 2010 the company once again passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.Sapphire single crystal furnace and the utility model patent certificate and low oxygen TZM alloy invention patent certificate.
development,production and sales of molybdenum and its alloys,and composite materials of tungsten and molybdenum.For example:ML,TZM,MHC,etc..In order to accelerate the upgrading of products,expand production capacity,better customer service,gemei metal has opened up an area of 34 thousand square meters of new production line of Shandong gemei Tungsten Molybdenum Material Co.Ltd.in Shandong province Weihai City Industrial district.Shandong gemei as a wholly owned subsidiary of Xi'an gemei,equipped with a full set of production equipment,including independent large size of tungsten and molybdenum crucible sintering furnace,large isostatic press,rolling mill and rotary forging equipment,production capacity can reach 1000 tons.Gemei metal to higher quality standards,faster delivery time,better products and services to look forward to cooperation with you.
Gemei--do better for your material.Gemei has from pressing,sintering of tungsten and molybdenum materials to complete production equipment and a variety of molding,tungsten and molybdenum products R&D and production technical personnel.It provides a reliable guarantee for the different needs of our customers and the production of high quality products.
Gemei-the leading technology in the world for you.In order to meet the special needs of customers,we continue to improve and improve our production process,the development of new materials,new products in order to apply the new field.Gemei materials excellent production process and technical skills and application knowledge of domestic and foreign advanced combination of independent research and development of new molybdenum alloy,high temperature molybdenum alloy,drawing molybdenum alloy,fine grain tungsten products such as high performance materials,the tungsten molybdenum material widely used in lighting,electronics,medical,power etc..
Gemei has 15 years of production experience and customer service of tungsten and molybdenum.Advanced production technology to provide higher performance of tungsten and molybdenum materials for you;highly specialized production equipment to provide a guarantee for product choices;use of the product requirements of the professional knowledge to provide you with more reasonable technical solutions.
Gemei:honesty,the pursuit of excellence

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